The Realities of Life

It's early on a Sunday morning and everyone is quietly resting but there is a restlessness in me within me that has robbed me of sleep now for several months. I haven't felt like writing for a while but this morning there seems to be an unction for putting fingers to keys in expression of…Read more The Realities of Life


The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For

It's Sunday morning and the time of expectation is drawing closer. It's what you been preparing for and anticipating all week. Hours have been spent behind the desk writing and researching, closed in solitary confinement with a listening ear with much meditation. Cognitive energies have been exhausted but spiritual refreshment and enlightment has been the…Read more The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For


​The Age of Social Disconnection The Absence of Personal Touch This short piece comes during a time of reflection during a time of crisis birth by the realization that social media provides many advantages as it relates to our ability to communicate with each other. However, there is one great disadvantage created by social media…Read more THE AGE OF SOCIAL DISCONNECTION

Dreams Do Come True

Life can bring sudden changes, both good and bad. You must be prepared for both. However, you must never allow one moment to overshadow the next. Today marks one month of our Daughter Chantrell's passing and it has been the greatest tragedy we have had to face a a family. Honestly we still have not…Read more Dreams Do Come True

Hope: The Driving Force Behind Vision

Never lose hope: each new day bings new possibilities


Living In Hope Hebrew 11:1


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Hope Defined: elpis, elpizo to hope in a religious sense, to wait for salvation with joy and full confidence. Hopefully to trust in. Expectation of evil, fear, expectation of good, hope in the Christian sense, joyful and confident expectation of eternal salvation. Origin: from a primary elpo (to anticipate, usually with pleasure).


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Prosdako -to expect (whether in thought, in hope, or in fear) to look for, wait for positive anticipated expectation.


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Hope Produced

  • Hope grows in the soil of future possibilities not yet manifested but are absolute reality. Promise or manifested glory. Romans 8:24-25; 2 Cor. 4:17-18; 5:17
  • Instruction in Scripture creates the atmosphere of hope. Romans 15:4; 5:3-5; Psalm 119:81-83; Heb. 6:10-12; 10:35-36

Hope’s Source

The source of one’s hope is determined by what the individual allows to shape perception and dominate one’s thinking…

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That which is in secret shall come to the light. The cover up has been completely exposed in this presidential election  and the consequences will greater than one can imagine. This nation has always suffered from the issues exposed in this election. Racism, sexist, inequality, greed, etc. are all part of the character traits baked…Read more AN EXPOSED AMERICA